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“Climate Change”, Dorian, and Weather You’re on the Left or the Right

I have often thought that the key to predicting whether you are a liberal or a conservative could be as easy as identifying what you fear most. Apart from the irresponsible, off-the-barometer fearmongering provoked constantly by the Left and which was on full display during the recent seven-hour “Climate Change Town Hall,” each of us decides what we will spend our time worrying about. We also must decide on the credibility and motives of such fearmongering.

I am suspicious of the veracity of one who tries to convince me of something but is entirely unwilling to concede the smallest point. They further lose credibility when certain discussions, dare I say, “trigger” them to such a degree that they must hurl personal attacks at anyone who dares to question or disagree.  That sadly, is a behavioral staple of today’s Left.

Even in the wake of the tragic devastation of Hurricane Dorian and for which I feel great sadness for those who were affected, I am more worried about human evil than I am about the weather. It speaks volumes that the left is terrified of the weather but so often appears to have no problem with human evil.



photo credit: Key West Wedding Photography Hurricane Dorian off Florida coast – 1.00pm – 9:2:19 via photopin (license)

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