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How many more media lies will it take to convince the public that the media lies?

The ability to be “discriminating” has gotten a bad rap in recent years. But most people know that in one’s personal life, it is a critical skill which is necessary to assess who to trust and who not to–with their money, their children, their personal feelings and deepest secrets.

Unlike what the endlessly political Left would have us believe, this is not a race, gender, or sexual orientation issue.  It’s a private, personal decision which is best based on the past performance of an individual or reputation of a business or service.  A cautious adult trusts a little and then they watch to see what happens before trusting a lot.

Why then, does much of the public still suspend common sense when it comes to the media? Is it because they’ve been so used to watching and depending on them for their news? As of now, and particularly since the age of Trump, we have seen the media speed over a cliff with politically-motivated propaganda and blatant lies.

For clarity, “the media” to which I refer are mass media outlets that have been working overtime to smear, frame, defame and destroy Donald Trump while advancing the cultural Marxism he and his supporters so avidly oppose. Sadly, those outlets include most of the major television networks, big city newspapers and social media giants who pick and choose what is and isn’t “offensive” for us to read and hear. That’s a massive bite of the information pie.

When Donald Trump said that much of the media were “enemies of the people” the same players about whom his comments were so apropos, feigned righteous indignation and claimed that mere criticism of them was a threat to the First Amendment. That was laugh-out-loud funny.

The media have now been caught with mounds of egg on their faces twice in less than a week:  First, the false and phony Buzzfeed story spurred large swaths of activists masquerading as journalists into a feeding frenzy.  Having called for “Impeachment! Impeachment!” without evidence, they delighted in going full bore thinking they finally had some evidence. When their Messiah, Mueller disavowed the story himself in a rare news release, most of them didn’t have the decency to be humiliated.

The second story is about the Covington Catholic boys who attended a Right to Life March in Washington DC wearing MAGA hats. They were thoroughly played by Trump-hating, abortion-loving activists who were committed to overshadowing the message Pro-Life activists traveled to Washington to send. The facts were twisted with bias and innuendo to make the boys look like the perpetrators and the perpetrators look like the victims.

How many other incidents have there been like these two in recent years?  It’s hard to say. For some time, the Left has been employing tactics reminiscent of agents provacateur  but it’s difficult to expose when those most guilty have the power to broadly perpetuate the story they want us to know.*

I continue to wonder when the general public will recognize that trusting this media is like believing that e-mail most of us have received, by a Nigerian billionaire who wants to send us ten million dollars for our “help.”  The only people who still believe that, are people who desperately want to.


*UPDATE: As of this writing, Leftist activists planned to protest Covington Catholic school such that the school had to shut down. Now, they will protest the local ArchDiocese instead. They protest in spite of the facts in hopes of perpetuating their preferred lies instead.

photo credit: scootergenius02 Fake News via photopin (license)

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