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Lady Gaga: Leading the Charge Toward Collectivist Thinking

photo credit: richiiebam Lady GaGa via photopin (license)

As part of the PR campaign for her new movie, Lady Gaga was recently interviewed on The Late Show with Steven Colbert. Naturally, she was asked about the Kavanaugh hearings.

To wild applause, she said it was one of the most upsetting things she had ever witnessed. She cited her own sexual assault, and amid more applause, she proceeded to criticize Trump for asking whether we could trust Ford’s account because she couldn’t remember key details. Lady Gaga gave an unequivocal yes. More applause.

The new cultural mandate is that because of her personal experience, we must consider Lady Gaga an expert on sexual assault in general. Therefore, we are obligated to believe Dr. Ford. We have witnessed the abuse the Left will heap upon us if we don’t.

Hollywood Democrats (a redundant phrase) want us to ignore the staggering political incentive for creating the mob mentality they now deny exists. They want us to ignore Dr. Ford’s conspicuous lies under oath. No one could cross-examine her because of her immediate and assumed victim status.

Apart from famous cases most people know, it is absurd to suggest that women are incapable of lying about sexual assault. Haven’t we all known people in our lives who perpetually play the victim?  They make it impossible for you to question them. If you hold them accountable, they might break into little pieces. Certainly, it’s not always so black and white but phony victims enjoy plenty of ego benefits. They claim to be beyond reproach, they might enjoy having fawn over them, and sometimes get $700,000.00 in GoFund me donations.

In broadening the definition of abuse and an offense, the Left continually expands its population of victims. This exploits victims of rape and sexual assault and does great damage to the justice system in general. Sadly, they don’t seem to be bothered. Bigger victim groups make bigger voting blocs.

On practically every issue, Democrats have made a strategy of encouraging and rewarding this collectivist thinking on unique, personal issues. In abandoning the consideration of each person and each case on it’s own merits, everybody loses.

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