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The “Schiff Show” & the Faustian Lure of Leftism

Despite the terrible performances and even worse entertainment values of the “Schiff Show” the serial drama is being doled out in dribs and drabs to keep us enthralled, enraged and distracted. Nevertheless, I highly recommend watching, at least for the medicinal value.

Democrats and their media minions are showing us what being railroaded in a third world country actually looks like.  It isn’t pretty.  It’s instructive because it is the antithesis of the American traditions of fair and equal justice and due process.

Once again, the Left is putting on a show to detach us from every one of these dearly held beliefs to give permission and sanction to the ignorant and reactionary citizens among us.

What is perhaps most disturbing is that these are lawmakers.
They took an oath to uphold the law, not to dismantle it.

Yet, they have spent their every waking moment inciting hate and discontent to advance their agenda for greater personal and political power.

It shouldn’t be ignored that it is often people with the poorest ethics who are the ones with the most desperate desire to wield power over your life and mine.

To help the lie go down even better, they package their pitches in a blanket of compassion and victimhood.  The latter fuels the lie because it keeps a steady stream of people willing to see themselves as victims. Are you a woman? Gay? Belong to a “protected” group?  Voila.  You’re in!

This also gives Leftists a built-in justification for calling everyone else heartless, cold and cruel if they dare to see the truth and then actually speak about it.

These are challenging times. Every one of us is being presented with a Faustian bargain. “Wouldn’t you like something for nothing?  Go ahead, you deserve it. You’re a victim!  Act out. Be irresponsible, blame others. It’s okay. You’re a victim. Don’t want to work? Don’t worry, we’ll take care of everything for you.”

Even when you know you could be scalded with the consequences of reality, saying No is tough for people. Initially, it’s tougher to choose the road of hard work and personal accountability.  That’s why Leftism will always have the edge–at least initially.

Accountability is a good thing, not a bad thing.  In order to be held accountable, we must have the freedom to make choices.

That is why God gave us free will, and that’s why we should never expect less from our government.



photo credit: ulrichzeuner Umschlag vorn via photopin (license)

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