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Twenty-One Reasons Why Liberalism is Like a Cult

The death of Charles Manson has caused many to re-visit the psychology of cults and how a charismatic figure could have persuaded people to do things they never thought they would do.

The following list fits a variety of cults which prey on the young, the lost and the vulnerable in particular. Are there similarities between these characteristics and today’s brand of liberalism?  You be the judge.


  • Demonizes those who dare to disagree or disapprove with cult ideology.
  • Isolates, mocks and bullies it’s enemies. Enemies are defined as anyone who could pose a threat or expose the organization.
  • Entices you with promises of security, freedom from want and the perfect way to heal or fix the world.
  • The cult offers members an opportunity to be part of something “bigger than themselves” and a sense of belonging.
  • The cult is self-perpetuating and cannot afford to attain the goals it claims it exists to address.
  • Requires secrecy to hide its true goals and beliefs. New recruits are never told the true agenda.
  • Has intense interest in all potential recruits’ personal information, foibles, and weaknesses to be used at a later date to keep them tied to the cult.
  • Uses blackmail and fear to scare followers and even non-followers into keeping quiet.
  • Systematically bullies you into submission, especially after it has taken a great deal of your income.
  • Has “Messianic” leaders, who are continually enriched by the system, never have to live by the same rules they require of others, and are worshipped as Gods or super-human.
  • Wants to separate you from those you love and make you suspicious of them. Sees independent, personal relationships and the “nuclear family” as a threat.
  • Preys and thrives on the most gullible and lost among us.
  • The cult is vindictive and retaliatory toward outsiders and anyone who dares to criticize.
  • Targets children and devotes enormous resources to indoctrinating them as early as possible.
  • Causes poverty financially and spiritually.
  • Willing to lie outlandishly to further its goals.
  • Worships celebrity and treats certain people as more special than others. Celebrities are used to perpetuate the cult to the masses.
  • Blatant contradictions and hypocrisy are simply ignored.  If exposed they simply deny, deny, deny.
  • Seeks to control every aspect of life to perpetuate itself and to maintain control over its followers.
  • The deeper adherents become involved in the cult, the more they are willing to abandon and contradict every principle that attracted them to the cult in the first place.
  • The final result of their involvement leads to a complete loss of self and ultimately, slavery.

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