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The New Despotism using Covid as the excuse

photo credit: Thomas Hawk Mardi Gras World via photopin (license)

What was the first question the mob usually asked when one of their own turned up dead?  
“Cui Bono” (Who benefits?).

Smart detectives ask this too. Who would have benefited from this crime? While they don’t have prove a motive to get a conviction, it helps them find who they’re looking for.  Not only do they look from the inside out with forensics and other tools, they also look from the outside in.

From the moment we heard of the Wuhan Virus, Coronavirus, and/or Covid-19 something seemed different.  Instead of trying to calm the public’s fears the media and leaders mostly on the Left whipped them up.  Instead of trying to keep the economy afloat, the same bunch actively tried to shut it down.

They weren’t just shutting down businesses but for more than 10 months, they’ve been shutting down lives.

How can you not ask “Cui Bono?” especially in light of the facts we now know about coronavirus.  The danger of the disease pales in comparison to danger of the motive.

The virus has allowed Democrats and their many cohorts to sidestep the US Constitution, make Heath Departments their new secret police, corral the public into believing that public servants are now masters.

The virus also served as the perfect excuse to impose mail-in ballots on states that had never had them before.  That figures largely in many of the court cases headed to the Supreme Court. We’ve been watching in real-time as the same Democrats who are in love with masks, shut-downs and fostering government dependence are also in love with mail-in ballots.

They have accomplished all of this because of a virus that is 99.86% non lethal—s fact which is common knowledge. But the dictators and bureaucrats continue to get away with their crimes simply by ignoring the facts most of us already know.

Mask mandates were never lifted in the middle of summer when there was no reason to continue these draconian measures. Yet they were more committed than ever.  They continued tighten their grip on the citizenry with growing threats and intimidation and this is growing at a more rapid pace than ever.

How many despots do you know who have willingly given up power?  Once true despotism takes hold, despots always declare this to be the “new normal.”

In the face of continuing and massive losses both personal and financial the public seems to be waking up to this but many have still been slow to face this ugly reality.

Just like the man-eating plant in Little Shop of Horrors, when you continue to feed them in this case with compliance, despots only get bigger, hungrier and stronger.

The public must realize on a massive scale that there are more of us than there are of them and they can’t put us all in jail.  There’s a price to pay for Liberty but the alternative is to lose everything.

The question of who benefits will be plain for all to see as it already is becoming to many.  The very same people who are barking out orders.
But by then they will be able to keep committing their crimes with impunity because they’ll have complete power.

-and that’s what they did it all for in the first place.

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