Spouting Off

Spouting Off #232 July 1, 2021 1590AM WSMN

Karen Kataline hosts Spouting Off from 1590AM / 98.3FM WSMN, Nashua, New Hampshire.  In this show, Karen talks about the Infrastructure bill and the attempt of “elites” to manipulate and change neighborhoods to resemble the horrors we are seeing in just about every big city in the country.

Then, she welcomes Larry Ward, President of the Constitutional Rights PAC to talk about Informed Consent, the “Technocracy” and his latest article, “Guess who owns your DNA Now”

Also on the program is Selwyn Duke, who discusses, Mao Lives: January 6 Defendant Required to Confess Her “Sins” for Leniency.

KK 7-1-21.mp3

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