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REPRISE: Spouting Off, April 16, 2019

Karen welcomes GUN ADVOCATE/AUTHOR: Dan Wos, a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment advocate and spokesperson. He is author of Good Gun Bad Guy: Behind the Lies of the Anti-Gun Radical & Good Gun Bad Guy 2: Destroying the Anti-Gun Narrative.

Are we just used to the breathtaking contradictions of today’s Left?  They now control the Democrat party. Here’s just one example: Being a Boy or a Girl is a choice but being gay is NOT. If you disagree, you are “homophobic.”  How do we “normals” as Kurt Schlicter likes to call them, fight back?  That’s the topic of Karen’s monologue in this episode of Spouting Off.

photo credit: misterbisson take | don’t touch via photopin (license)

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