Spouting Off

Spouting Off, February 20, 2018

Horrifying mass murder and the ugly politicizing of its aftermath.
“We must DO something!”  An understandable sentiment, though usually short-lived and never well thought out. Sadly, public figures compete to show who can be the most upset. That allows them to propose solutions we know would not prevent such atrocities. Their reactions to mass murder are rarely symmetrical. In the case of terrorism they predictably come to the defense Muslims, warning us against “Islamophobia.” But their political repertoire requires that they brand all gun owners as evil. Do they have “gun-o-phobia?” They sure do and they’re working to spread it to as many kids and adults as they can. Then they feel justified in proposing more laws & regulations that have proven to fail, especially in this latest example. These are emotional and tough issues but Karen has a unique perspective. Tune in to this episode of Spouting Off.

Karen Kataline

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