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Spouting Off, July 23, 2019

BORIS JOHNSON   “THE DUDE” becomes Britain’s new prime minister. He says his mission is to deliver Brexit and unite the country.  Has Britain’s anti-globalist agenda been fueled by Donald Trump’s clear anti-globalist agenda?  You be the judge.

Mueller prepares to be questioned in a public hearing Wednesday.  This will be the first time Republicans actually have the chance to cross-examine ANYONE in the Mueller investigation and bring out the other side of the story that the media has avoiding reporting.

Screaming DrudgeReport headlines (what’s happened to him?) say, “Trump hasn’t built a single mile of new border fence…”   Is that true?
PLUS: Racism! Racism! Racism! and why the biggest racists are the ones who hurl that charge at everyone else.

photo credit: feyip Hitler and Churchill? via photopin (license)

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