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Spouting Off, July 30, 2019

Karen welcomes a new sparring partner, Dan Torbenson, an attorney who specializes in Family Law, Criminal Law, and Criminal Defense.   Dane is quick, articulate and probably disagrees with Karen on most things.  That’s what makes horse races and great talk radio!   Today, they’ll kick around the hottest issues of the day including the latest Trump tweet and the second set of  “debates” among 20 of the 25 current Democrat contenders hoping to make Trump a one-term president. (Good luck with that!)

Karen’s monologue will include a little more discussion on her latest piece: “Trump has Made it ‘In’ to be ‘Genu-Ine”
How come according to Democrat dogma, no one is allowed to state the obvious?  Because you WILL be called a “Racist! Racist!”  Trump does it anyway because well, someone has to!  


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