The Bill on our Liberty is Due…

The Bill on our Liberty is Due

The order of the day is not mass masking of free men and women. The order of the day is mass defiance, NOW. If we cannot or refuse to recognize the early stages of tyranny history has taught us again and again that we will be robbed of our rights to dissent later.

There are always risks for standing up against authoritarianism as there were for our Founders. The risks for not standing up are the loss of everything we hold dear.

Whatever you can do to persuade people in your sphere of influence, the time is now to do it. Whether it is this video: ( or something in your own words, the bill on our Liberty is long overdue. It falls to us today, to pay it.

Please do all you can to wake others up and give them the courage to civilly disobey unjust orders handed down by lawless lawmakers and un-elected bureaucrats. It is much later than we think.

Be strong & be well. (Chazak!)


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