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The Emperor’s Styrofoam Clothes

What can you say about a mayor who continues to behave as if he is entitled to ban any substance, any styrofoam cup, plate or spoon, any item which he doesn’t like or which he has decided is not good for us? 

Despite the counterproductive and destructive nature of such nannyism, he appears to think he is above the law, bestowing upon himself legislative, executive and judicial powers to dictate to a city of 10 million plus people, what they may eat and drink and in what containers they may eat and drink it.

He instructs hospital professionals to hide baby formula and tells them who can and can’t receive pain medication. Is there any area of our lives which he doesn’t think is his business?  Even if he were a doctor, nutritionist, styrofoam expert or sodium sage, what entitles him to force his appetites and subjective tastes on the citizens who elected him? 

If only this were about abortion or marijuana, many would scream that it’s obviously none of his business.  I agree.  But if such arbitrary bans and dictates are tolerated and allowed to stand, then our freedom to be unique and different and to decide what to have for lunch is as firm and reliable as a styrofoam cup.

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