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Time to recognize that the war is between good and evil.

If you were hesitant to admit that we are in a war between good and evil, think again.

California Legislature Passes Bill Reducing Penalties for Oral, Anal Sex with Willing Children

You don’t have to be of any certain religion or even any religion at all to acknowledge this, although it helps. People of faith are easy to recognize that they fall short of their values but at least they have them–and those values are a reverence for life rather than death, freedom rather than tyranny, and building rather than destroying.

I don’t have the stomach to write a complete piece about this yet but as an MSW social worker in a previous life, I treated adult survivors of child sexual abuse. The devastating of early sexual abuse cannot be underestimated and carries with it profound consequences for the rest of that child’s life.

WHERE ARE THE SOCIAL WORKERS? The answer is that the great majority of them are Leftists first. This is unconscionable.

My clinical diagnosis is that we are watching mass psychosis on the Left. In one breath, they go after the Boy Scouts and pedophile priests and they have abused children, they should.  But in the next breath, they want to not-so-slowly normalize child sexual abuse and suggest that nine-year-olds can “consent” to sexual activity.

This is much more than ignorant.  It is willful disregard for the innocence of children and cultural abuse. This is the reality of how “compassionate” and “caring” these morally repugnant dictators are.

Shout it from the rooftops that we must restore boundaries, accountability and the rule of law to protect innocent people and children rather than treating criminals as if they are victims. This must be done now and loudly.

Funny how morally bankrupt Leftist ideology indicts our country and our culture on the charge of “institutional racism” etc. etc. with the intention of replacing it with “Institutional Criminality.”

Tacit acceptance of this now is to be an accessory to the destruction of lives on a massive scale —not that they aren’t doing that in a 100 different ways already.

Remember “It’s for the children?” Now more than ever– it is.

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