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Why do Leftists define bigotry for everyone else while ignoring it in their own ranks?

It looks like the split in the Democrat Party that has been touted all week is only skin color deep.  Just because Democrats disagree with one another about how honest they should be about their socialist ideas doesn’t mean they don’t still have socialist ideas. They disagree on the approach, not the policies.

So long as they are attacking Donald Trump as a “racist” and with all the other “isms” and “phobes,” they’re unified. They have shown that they don’t care at all about the genuine bigots in their own ranks or that the “fab four” called Nancy Pelosi a racist too.  One can only hope that eventually, the people watching at home will realize that if Nancy Pelosi is not likely a racist, then neither are the millions of Republicans, conservatives, white people and Christians at whom Leftists have been hurling the same insane labels.

Funny how Leftists think they should be allowed to define and divine what racism is when they can’t recognize it in their own ranks.   Of course, we are supposed to accept their definitions without question. If we don’t, we are automatically racists too.

It’s hard to keep up.  It’s easier when you look for the pattern that leads the Left to deliberately project what they do onto their political opponents in order to take the heat off themselves.  It’s not working as well as it used to.

We’re not supposed to ask why at least four of their House members are true haters and bigots of not just Jews, but of Americans in general. About the only people they can tolerate are those that can’t tolerate America either.

Among the biggest mistakes Republicans could make is to stipulate that Pelosi and Biden are “moderates” by comparison. They are moderate like I’m tall and blonde.


photo credit: BrookingsInst Nancy Pelosi delivers an address on rebuilding the economy and public/private sector linkages via photopin (license)
photo credit: nrkbeta Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @ SXSW 2019 via photopin

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