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Independence Day: Will we continue to tolerate the hijacking of our country?

We are living in extraordinary cognitive dissonance.

A country celebrates it’s Independence Day in the shadow of certain tyranny if everyday citizens don’t resist it.  We are on the precipice of the greatest choice we may ever make for our country and for ourselves.  As Mark Levin’s book makes clear: The choice is between Liberty and tyranny.

Will we continue to tolerate “cultural appropriation” and the hijacking of our country?  If there are still people who can’t see the choice as that stark,  perhaps that mask they are dutifully wearing is over their eyes as well as their mouth.

We are under attack by the most ignorant, angriest and most morally bereft people and they are determined to rule us.

Will we allow the destruction of the greatest country ever created on the principles of individual Liberty, personal responsibility which truly is the last best hope for mankind?

If America should fall God forbid, to tyranny, Western Civilization will fall with it. We stand in the way of their globalist, communist, one-world “utopian” nightmare. Is it any wonder we are under such attack?

It is long past time that every single one of us stands up, speaks out and acts to preserve our precious Liberty.  We must do it NOW, even for those who are too ignorant to understand how they are working to destroy it.

There will be risks to saving our country for the next generation but the risks for not doing so are fatal.

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photo credit: Brian Auer Liberty Close-Up via photopin (license)

Karen Kataline

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