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Another dog, Another pony

Henry B. Gentry, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

It’s official. The collective “we” should now make a seamless pivot from fearing Covid to fearing Putin.

The shift was introduced with the pomp and circumstance of a State of the Union address Tuesday night.

Didn’t those Presidential addresses used to be every January 20? Strange how this one coincided with a war they have been telegraphing for weeks.

What never seems to change is that they and their media minions want us to remain in a perpetual state of fear and anxiety–but only about what they tell us to fear.

We’d better not be afraid of the loss of our Liberties, the destruction of our borders or our culture. We shouldn’t fear that the political majority in Washington has revealed their plan to irretrievably destroy what we used to take for granted– the boundaries between ourselves and our government.

Do you recall voting for any of these massive “transformations”? The use of force never requires consent. That’s what makes it tyranny.

Now, we are expected to accept that the government is allowed to dictate speech and actions, to use corporations as their proxy in doing so, and to no longer respect our rights to reject medical injections or treatments upon our own bodies and those of our children.

We are expected to believe that words and ideas are dangerous to “public health”, but actual violence and destruction of life and property, is not.

Suddenly, it’s okay to remove their tyrannical mask mandates (which only applied to us, never to them) with the flick of a presidential proclamation and a teleprompted State of the Union address.

Here is just one example of what Biden’s pre-written speech expected us to believe Tuesday night versus the reality we have all lived through for the past two years:

Biden said:  “Why should people on the terrorist list be able to get guns?”
Biden didn’t say:  We now label parents who protest at school board meetings, ‘terrorists.’

So, with enough fear, be it from Covid, Putin or something else, politicians can and will justify any abuse of their constitutionally limited power and authority. If it’s under the guise of “public health” they can even claim that to do harm to your civil liberties is ‘cuz they care about you so much.’

We can see the same players applying similar information control tactics about Russia/Ukraine that they did about Covid.  There’s only one way to think about this and if you don’t agree, you are a “Putin-lover,” a “traitor,” or some other horrible label. The moment you see that tactic which is always selectively applied, you should be suspicious of what they claim as truth.

Also, not for your own good, they continue to incite their supporters to accept or demand that the basic rights of political opponents be extinguished. By the time those most gullible realize how they have assisted in extinguishing their own rights, it’ll be much too late. 

After two years of muzzling the public, they will once again return to feigning concern about what we think. Will you believe them again?

This drastic and obvious shift could lead us to conclude that they are more insecure about the mid-terms than we thought.

We hope so.

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