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Contradictions Abound in Cohen Hearing as Corrupt Inquisitors “Seek Truth”

While Donald Trump was in North Viet Nam doing the job that former US Presidents refused to do, Democrats on the House Oversight Committee were doing children’s theater in Washington DC.

They trashed Trump like there was no tomorrow just as he was meeting face to face with Kim Jong Un, to do all he could to prevent a nuclear war to make sure there is a tomorrow.

The contrast of the petty vs. the profound was dumbfounding. The Michael Cohen hearing was like a bad car wreck; I couldn’t look away.

In a real trial, just about every one of these questioners would have had to recuse themselves.  As the hearing wore on the contradictions were laughable. Then, they became entertaining. Here are a few of the moments I enjoyed most:

*Mark Meadows, regarding Cohen’s claim that President Trump made comments that prove he is a racist: “Do you have tapes of this conversation?”
Cohen: “No”
Meadows:  “Why not? You’ve taped everyone else.”

*Jim Cooper (D-Tenn.): “What advice would you give young people about the consequences of dishonesty?”
Michael Cohen, convicted felon is right up there with “Drag Queen Story Hour” as a Leftist educational figure for children.

*Debbie Wasserman-Schultz: “Do you believe he’d do anything possible to win?”
That Wasserman-Schultz of all people would ask this question with a straight face is another punchline. Democrats were throwing old, dried linguini on the wall hoping something might stick.  One minute they want us to believe that Trump colluded with Russia because he wanted to win so badly. The next, they say he never expected to win and that’s why he lied about the Trump Tower Moscow negotiations. Huh?  Which is it?   They will go with whatever sticks.

*Jim Jordan, regarding Cohen’s testimony that he started the Trump campaign in 2011. It was his idea:
“Now that’s news. Wow.” And later: “I’m sure, I’m sure, he had never thought about anything like that until you came along.”

*Jim Jordan again: “This is the best witness you’ve got?”

*John Sarbanes (D-MD): “What does he (Cohen) have to gain?”
This was hauntingly familiar. Where have we heard that before? Oh yes! It was in the Kavanaugh hearings.  Soon, Democrats will be demanding that Cohen be believed because he’s a victim. With Democrats in control of the House, we will be treated to a steady diet of these hearing and tactics.

Cohen made sure to thank Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff.  His closing statement sounded like a political speech written not surprisingly by Lannie Davis. This is where he chose to mention that he disagrees with Trump’s immigration policies and that’s one of the reasons no one should support him. That is Trump’s real crime: he doesn’t kowtow to the corruption in Washington DC but continues to expose it.

I’m not a lawyer, but even if all these “allegations” were true and I don’t believe they are, where is the actual crime?  Crimes are those pesky little things for which Michael Cohen is going to prison.


photo credit: AFGE 2017 AFGE Legislative Conference – Sunday via photopin (license)

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