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Ennobling Insurgents & Demonizing those who try to Stop Them

Oh no!  President Trump tweeted an attack on hoards of people who took over six blocks of downtown Seattle by force. (Isn’t that Cultural Appropriation?) He called them anarchists and terrorists. What a racist! If only he’d be a uniter instead of a divider.

The tweet in question read: “Seattle mayor says, about the anarchist takeover of her city, ‘It is a summer of love.’ These Liberal Dems don’t have a clue. The terrorists burn and pillage our cities, and they think it’s wonderful, even the death. Must end this Seattle takeover now.”

The Seattle Times was appalled and reported that President Trump had accelerated his threats against Seattle. The article painted insurgents with AR-15’s  (Aren’t they supposed to hate those things?) as victims and Donald Trump of course, as the perpetrator.

With such twists of the truth and propaganda, the Times is helping these criminals get more donations of food and city services from the same people and institutions those criminals rabidly hate. Doesn’t that make the Times, Seattle’s Leftist Mayor and it’s embarrassing Governor accessories after the fact?  You can’t smoke out the criminals if Seattle keeps handing them cigarettes.

None of these lawless lawmakers seem worried. The only people paying attention to laws anymore are citizens and businesses trying to comply with suffocating restrictions that sooner or later will put them out of business, rob them of their freedom and make it easier for the aforementioned criminals to turn the six blocks they now control, into six miles and then more. Who says crime doesn’t pay?

Even in the face of this, there are still Republicans who are oddly focused on Trump’s “unstatesman-like” style and behavior. As the much more statesmanlike Joe Biden is fond of saying, “Here’s the deal,” Donald Trump is about the only barrier left that stands between us and certain tyranny. He’s the mighty oak tree that protects them from having to look at the forest.

Not only is his “style” perfect for fighting against the deadly threats that are facing our Republic, but that style has repeatedly exposed the Deep State and the dark forces that are now going for broke trying to stop him.

We must help Trump to help us and even in the midst of mounting threats, we don’t loot, burn buildings or murder innocent people. But don’t ever forget it. We’re the bad guys.


photo credit: derek.simeone Seattle People Department via photopin (license)

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