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Intolerant of dissenting opinions & tolerant of censorship

How free is our press? How free are we?

Is it still breaking news or is it commonplace that the propaganda media has once again been caught lying and suppressing information and opinion?

CBS Caught Deleting Footage After Their Reporter Highlights Gruesome Details About Pandemic
Branko Radovanović, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

One could simply ask what they’re afraid of but let’s delve deeper.

Can a People be free without a free press?

Today, we are encouraged to be intolerant of dissenting opinions and tolerant of censorship.

This is being done by the very people who stand to benefit most:  politicians that were supposedly elected to serve us and their enablers in the technocracy and the press.

To that end, they constantly portray words and ideas as violence, and violence as “freedom of expression.”

They make exceptions for people they deem to have the “wrong ideas.” How ironic when they are framed and accused of the violence they condone by their allies as a means of garnering public support for punishing them!  This is also done to make their opponents an example to the rest: “You’d better not do that or this will happen to you.”

Would such masters of propaganda and thuggery go so far as to tag parents who oppose the indoctrination of their children as “domestic terrorists?”  Wouldn’t that be too obvious?

The suppression of dissent in the Western Journal article is a good reason to ask some even deeper questions:

Why would the government and its’ media behemoth want so badly to suppress information and opinion that their dictates could be causing great and lasting harm if not to continue causing that harm with impunity? If there’s another explanation, I’m open to hearing it.

Dare we ask the question that in this heartbreaking age of censorship in America is likely to be called most outrageous of all?  Why do they want to cause harm?

Which is more outrageous?  The question, or the possibility that it’s true?

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