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In Praise of Non-conformity

Jon Evans from Toronto, Canada, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

All my life, I have railed against conformity and superficiality.  I’ve never been a fan of superficial non-conformity either. Think of the stunningly conformist, ‘non-conformity’ of the sixties.

Communism requires collectivism.  It cannot exist without eradicating non-conformity.  Collectivism thrives on bigotry as well,  Without it, we might see people as individuals and worthy of respect and consideration.

If we refuse to lump people together into groups, we have to recognize that we don’t know everything about them the minute we meet them. We actually have to talk to them, listen to and learn about them–maybe even treat them with kindness and respect which is a prerequisite to even begin to do that. What a concept!

Most of us know instinctively that all of that is preferable to diminishing the value and worth of our fellow human beings and giving free reign to our prejudices.  We used to be taught that it was wrong to prejudge a person based on superficial characteristics.  Not any more.

The communists in our midst have worked very hard and succeeded quite handily so far, in elevating the very things they have lectured us against so vehemently. Blame, Bigotry, Stereotyping, and Hatred are but a few things on that list.

In the name of “anti-racism” we may now be racists. In the name of “diversity” we must now march in lock-step.  It is in fashion to eradicate all ideological diversity and any genuine non-conformity. Certainly individuality is “out.” That’s “racist” too, isn’t it?

As in the profoundly important picture included here, the rise of collectivism and conformity and the suppression of dissent has always lead to very ugly places in history.

In the United States of America, it is leading there again.

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