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It’s time for Conservatives to be the Adults in the Room on #MeToo

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The Democrats’ scorched earth policy on anything Trump was certain to reach his Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. Now, it has.

In the last year since the #MeToo movement, Democrats have been throwing out due process and thwarting the will of voters by ousting Republicans and Democrats who don’t toe the party line. They have done this exclusively with the use of unsubstantiated charges of sexual harassment and threats of further charges if they did not resign.

In 2017-18  31 State Legislators have been deposed and the list keeps growing.  Many were threatened with continued attacks if they fought back and did not resign.  Most left their posts without a fight and with their lives and reputations in ruins.

The irrational and collectivist hysteria of the #MeToo movement has gone virtually unchallenged by Republicans. Perhaps it is because they have been afraid to be branded with yet another scarlet letter if they oppose the newest Leftist orthodoxy. This time, it’s “M” for “Misogynist.”  How suspiciously similar to all the others:  Label and libel anyone who disagrees by calling them “Racist!” “Sexist!” “Homophobe!”

That strategy will keep working if we don’t fight back. There must be consequences for these adolescent and irresponsible tactics or they will continue to turn our justice system upside down. They are in the process of destroying the lives of men like Justice Brett Kavanaugh purely for political expediency.

But what can we do to fight back?

In World War II, the WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service) were called upon by the navy to help in the war effort. I’d say this is a war and it’s a crisis.

#WEARENTVICTIMS (WAVS) is a hashtag we ought to use to rally conservative women and bring some desperately-needed reason to the national discussion:

We believe that rape and sexual assault are serious crimes. They are trivialized when they are lumped together with awkward propositions or boorish comments.

We welcome the accountability that comes with the privilege of adult womanhood. We don’t expect to be believed, or garner votes simply because we are women.

We support due process in every case and on each case’s own merits. We stand up against false charges and those so obviously politically motivated, that the Left digs into the behavior of a repeatedly-vetted Supreme Court Justice nominee when he was 17.

We will actively oppose the Left’s longstanding vendetta to emasculate straight men and turn women into the next victim-group-turned-voting-bloc.

Strong men are not abusive. At their best, they epitomize competitiveness, resilience, and self-reliance. They also have the need to provide for and protect their families. This is probably the biggest reason why the Left hates them. They sound like capitalism, don’t they?

Our President has given us a master class in courage and a roadmap for how to fight back.  As Julia Roberts said in Pretty Woman, it’s time for us to “save men right back.”


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