What do you call deception in plain sight?

PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Governor Kate Brown has again extended her declaration of a state of emergency regarding COVID-19 for an additional 60 days, the governor’s office announced on Tuesday.

Gov. Brown extends COVID-19 state of emergency until Nov. 3

I”m sure that’s a completely arbitrary date, November 3.

What do you call deception in plain sight?  Do you call it transparency?  If so, let’s celebrate the lock-step Left’s transparency in letting us know their true intentions.

These pathetic little dictators are full of nothing but deceit and disrespect toward citizens who actually elected them. They are no longer a surprise.

The biggest and saddest surprise of all is that there are still people who believe them.


Photo by Tito Texidor III on Unsplash

Karen Kataline

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