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The Lynching of Our Language by Making Words Off Limits

It’s time to find lots of new ways to use the word “lynch.”  Call it “rhetorical civil disobedience.”


Oh no! Donald Trump uttered a word!

The mere use of a word, regardless of context or the actual meaning shows he’s a racist! This time, the word which the Left has irrationally decided should never be used by a person with white skin is, “lynching.”

It doesn’t stop there. In the un-brave new world of the Left, there is a growing list of words we aren’t allowed to say.  Conversely, we must not refuse to use words they have newly prescribed for us or we could lose our jobs, our reputations, or our entire life’s work. In New York City, such “crimes” can potentially cost you a quarter of a million dollars.

While we are laughing at the silliness of these arbitrary and authoritarian language dictators, the Left continues to get away with the bastardization—-yes, bastardization of the English language.

Until these brazen violations of free speech are adjudicated in court, many people will suffer needlessly and unjustly. 

There are other language laws our self-appointed Leftist rulers are attempting to enforce. At the changing whim of the Left, some words are off-limits entirely while other words can only be used by certain groups. Any Caucasian who dares to use a word the Left has confiscated is a racist.  If you are Donald Trump, ANY word you use makes you a racist.

In a free society, no one ought to have a monopoly on the language. Should there be anti-trust laws for that? Absolutely not!  We never want the government to police our language. That, along with the freedom of religion which is also under assault, is what the First Amendment is all about.

It’s not likely that the Left would be on the receiving end of such a fascistic language crackdown since the average conservative reveres his rights to free expression and therefore reveres those rights for others.  There is a dramatic difference between using a pejorative in public and making it illegal and punishable by the government. The Left has no such respect for that boundary.

Lenny Bruce was a liberal darling because he insisted on using censored words that were deemed to be vulgar. Today’s Left would jail him faster than you can say “lynch”.  Only the words have been changed. The authoritarianism remains the same.

So what’s the remedy?  We must start incorporating the word “lynch” into our language en masse.
Here are a few examples to get you started:

“I was lynched by my employer.” (I was fired without being allowed to defend myself.)

“Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton on the tarmac and she claims all they did is exchange pleasantries.”

Quote Justice Clarence Thomas: “…as far as I’m concerned it is a high-tech lynching for uppity blacks who in any way deign to think for themselves, to do for themselves, to have different ideas…”

The Left intentionally equates words with violence. Then, they justify actual violence. They will continue on this path of irrationally demonizing opinions and words they don’t like to give cover to their use of government power to suppress and punish their political opponents. Branding the NRA as a domestic terrorist organization is but the most recent example.

In perilous political times like these, we must look at the motive. The Left continues to dramatically twist our culture upside down to bend it towards socialism and tyranny.  If we allow them to change and police our words, they will continue to change our culture as well and ready it for what we now know is the “fundamental transformation” of our country.

We must take back our language and use words–any words, “liberally”.  By doing so, we will teach the confused and the poorly educated that our system and our freedom depends not on punishing words but punishing actions that violate others’ rights.

To allow an unrestrained government to punish speech is the end of freedom as we know it.  It’s time to find lots of new ways to use the word “lynch.” Call it “rhetorical civil disobedience.”



photo credit: paul_appleyard Camberley 4 February 2019 015 via (license)

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