News you may have missed: Michigan just got unlocked.

Surprise! Emergency powers have limitations

Here is great news we hope will serve as a precedent for every one of our 50 states:

Michigan Is Now Unlocked’: State Supreme Court Strikes Down Emergency Powers Law

Not only do “know-it-all” politicians hardly know it all but they have been exposed for holding on to “emergency powers” to advance their agenda and hinder our freedom.

It didn’t take seven months to “flatten the curve” but it has taken about that long for many to see that something is seriously wrong.

The virus is not a hoax but what Democrats used it for was. They used it to expand their powers exponentially beyond the scope of what is constitutional.

If the virus isn’t the real reason and they refuse to tell you the truth, you should be asking why….daily.


photo credit: davesnothere11 ABUS-US-SET31052016-017 via photopin (license)

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