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The choice is upon us: Liberty or Serfdom

The times demand that we take a stand.

Whether the propaganda media reports it or not, here’s where the fight will begin the week of November 9:

The information appears to be credible. Sadly, it’s also predictable:

VIDEO:  LOU DOBBS:  Dominion Systems, Hammer & Scorecard
, with Sydney Powell, & Tom Fitton

You have a right to this information and to know whether your vote was canceled but you will likely be denied that right by the same people who have been working to cancel your vote and your voice.

The current oligarchs who fancy themselves in charge now blatantly censor news when it’s dangerous to their false narrative. Do they ever go to the trouble to censor the idea that there are 57 genders or that we’re all going to die in 6 1/2 years because of the weather?  Censorship of thoughts, speech and ideas is anathema to the very idea of America. Those that are engaged in it, hate the idea of America and that has never been more obvious.

Such brazen censorship is the first clue that what they’re trying desperately to hide is probably true. Why do so many people know this in their own lives but take leave of all common sense when it comes to national politics and people who claim to know the “truth?”

Liberals used to be the ones who passionately believed that we should “question everything.” Now, they don’t wish to be questioned at all. They continue to behave as if they are our “betters” and too many people still buy that lie.

How predictable that the media would anoint Biden ahead of legal challenges to try to stir up as much public pressure as possible for Trump to concede.  After four plus years, they still don’t get Trump. Some stupid, corrupt (or both) Republicans like Mitt Romney and the globalist, Bush family are going along.

Think back to what seems like years ago. Why were the endless enemies of Trump pulling out every stop to keep a muzzle on General Michael Flynn even when it was horribly obvious that he had been falsely prosecuted?  One of the reasons as will become clear is that he witnessed this massive voter fraud program being used widely overseas. He’s a threat because he still has his integrity.

Remember how the media echo chamber spilled the beans back in July when as if on cue, they began floating the bizarre notion that Trump would have to be “escorted” from the oval office by the military or the national guard because he would refuse to leave?

Some thought that was just a feeble attempt to suggest that a Biden win was a fait accompli. Nope, it was just another potted political plant. We’ll see if it accomplished what they intended–to once again flip the script with a fairy tale. A plagiarizing political hack with Quarterheimers who’s approval ratings were better when he said nothing was beating the incumbent who had the most positive message for America in decades and who zipped around the country like a 30-year-old.

What many still don’t want to face is that right now, there is an all-or-nothing fight for the survival of this country. It’s for all the marbles.

The ideas and the Legacy our Founders left us is under attack. That’s why our monuments that honor them are in danger as well.

They famously pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. What will we pledge? How will we choose?

photo credit: beewiks MOC Matrix_Building Instruction via photopin (license)

Karen Kataline

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