Pot Accuses Kettle of Sexual Harassment

Photo by Brendan Church on Unsplash

Joe Biden recently said that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo may be prosecuted over sexual misconduct allegations.

What isn’t said in the press is always more interesting and newsworthy these days than what is said.
Not only is sexual harrassment the mildest allegations against Andrew Cuomo compared to the death rate in New York nursing homes due to his callousness, incompetence or both, but the accuser in this case has been well known for his sexual misconduct for decades but the press continues to assist in covering it up.

The fact that all of this is well known continues to create the alternate reality that the media and the Left are pushing.  “We can tell you anything we want to tell you and some people will believe it.”

Those who still dare to think for themselves remain incredulous that anyone still could.

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