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The mask is off Schwarzenegger and so many more.

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America

“Screw your freedoms.”

Can you imagine any variety of actual conservative allowing those words to escape their lips?

That’s quite a contrast from “Live free or die.” isn’t it?

If you never really trusted  “Ahhhnold,” you were right.  There was always a strange air of dictator in Arnold Schwarzenegger but like Oprah, he hid it very well while he made millions off the American free market and pop culture. He always had a lot of brawn, but not a lot of brains.

Do you think he would have bought into the lies of the state in 1938?  (Oooh, that rhymes!) Looks like he already has. Why?  Why is he coming out to lecture us now?  Because that’s what the communists Left wants him to do.

Think they’re giving him a pass on his past sexual misconduct now that he’s dutifully playing ball and doing as he’s told?

(Sexual misconduct is only important to the left if they decide to cancel you for misbehavior. Many are wondering what their real problem is with Andrew Cuomo.  It’s certainly not the thousands he killed by sending COVID+ patients into nursing homes. Didn’t they also warn us that we’d better do as they say or we’d be killing Grandma?)

If you’ve wondered why so many politicians and public figures have become zombies for the dark side, this is how it’s done–and it’s happening before our very eyes. Watch.

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