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Their Behavior Incriminates Them

Yumi Kimura from Yokohama, JAPAN, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Some of us saw it early and were called radical, paranoid, or conspiracy theorists.

We were told that there could never be dedicated socialists in our government. Certainly not enough who would ever sell out their own country to foreign powers. They’d never deliberately enact policies to weaken and destroy America to make it more ripe for Communism.

That could never happen. Never!

Welcome to 2022 America.

Would we ever have believed even 10 years ago that our government would force an experimental shot on every person in America – even those at virtually zero risk from a 99.86% non-lethal virus? That the said government would act to suppress information about effective treatments and natural immunity, then label millions of conscientious objectors as enemies of the people and responsible for prolonging the pandemic they prolonged and from which they richly benefited?

Would we have believed that non-medical politicians would work with the media and big tech to censor dissenting opinions by real physicians and call them (once again) a “threat to democracy”? That they would pretend not to know that Democracy is never possible without tolerance for dissenting opinions?*

Would we have believed that they would teach children that America is a racist country and that they are racists because they are white? That all blacks are victims because they are black?

Would we have believed that they would teach everyone, young and old, that homosexuality is fixed—you’re born that way, but heterosexuality is “fluid” and you can decide what gender you are?  That nine-year-olds can be “trans” or “gay” and that hospitals should do mastectomies on them? That you can support that and still claim to be “pro-woman,” which by the way, you can no longer define?

The list of their psychotic lies grows with every passing day, and all who dare to speak the truth against the lies are marginalized, censored, and persecuted.

Oh, how we wish we had been wrong, that we had been the ones who were crazy.

Tragically, we must now acknowledge that the unbelievable is possible because we’re living it.

In a court of law, their pattern of behavior constitutes circumstantial evidence of malicious intent. That evidence has been consistent and growing.

With 20/20 hindsight we can see that their endless preening about compassion and tolerance that preceded our current circumstances was a clue that soon, they would openly display a reckless disregard for individual choice, self-determination and even human life itself.

They have shown no compassion, no remorse, or even a willingness to slow down their demands of blind obedience to edicts which are proving to endanger us all.

Even if the deadliness of the vax weren’t 100% true (and look how long it’s taking for the evidence to dribble out), their callous indifference indicts them. Continuing to push death and censoring information that saves life indicts them.

Or at least, it ought to cause deep and profound suspicion.

What would be a normal reaction?  If you see deadly and damaging results to something you supported, pushed and went to the trouble of forcing on others, wouldn’t you show at least a little concern?  A little remorse?  Would you pull back, stop what you’ve been pushing and investigate?  Would you have compassion for those affected?

We continue to watch this alternative reality in which they ignore evidence that is finally becoming broadly known and continue to divide the country into those who are still willing to believe them and those who aren’t.

Covid was the watershed moment for abnormal reactions.  From the moment it entered the public arena, something was palpably different.

Marxists were out of the closet and were suddenly willing to reveal their contempt for America, for dissent, for liberty and for human life.

“Health” was their excuse to extinguish all three. They expected everyday citizens to be their enforcers and too many obeyed that, as well.

Who would ever have thought that fundamental principles of free thought, free speech, and equal justice would have been replaced with twisted justification for tyranny based on perpetual grievance and collectivist guilt?

Welcome to 2022 America.

Individuals judge character and credibility differently. I watch behavior and the reactions or non-reactions to certain stimuli. I watch the issues to which people march in lockstep and demand that we do likewise.

It’s also interesting to take note of those issues about which they still tolerate differences of opinion. But the light in that hallway is also growing dim.

That behavior screams louder and louder at us, yet many seemingly smart people still hear it. They still listen to the lies and deceptive words and ignore the actions and results.

Nevertheless, we who were called paranoid and radical are watching a growing legion of others who are awakening to the formerly unthinkable reality that their government has turned on its own people.

The reason is painfully simple: Their behavior has indicted them.


[ dih-mok-ruh-see ]

noun, plural de·moc·ra·cies.
Government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.


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