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Can we please put a “Lid” on the Lies?

Will the debates expose the truth or somehow keep covering it up?

Honest question:  Is there anything coming from the Left that isn’t fraught with lies, deceit and corruption?  Do they do ANYTHING these days that is fair and honest?

They insult your intelligence by expecting you to believe that Joe Biden is fit to be President of the United States and anyone, even a doddering, plagiarizing, political hack with dementia is better than Donald Trump.

Police officers are wounded in rioting, the Supreme Court controversy rages, and Joe Biden’s campaign calls it quits early – again.

With almost 4 years to cultivate a real challenge to Donald Trump, all they’ve done is create and reinforce the false narrative that he is a racist, a dictator, mentally ill, yet strangely diabolical.  If they couldn’t do that, they did a “Jussie Smollett” and manufactured evidence that he was evil and then handed it over to their friends in the propaganda media to propagate.

They have also refused to report his stunning list of achievements that even Republican presidents couldn’t or refused to accomplish. President Trump has exposed that as well.

What today’s Democrats want you to believe and what you can see with your own eyes are in two completely different universes.

Your mother probably taught you ages ago, don’t blame, don’t run away from responsibility, and don’t lie because you’ll just have to keep telling more lies to cover that one. Democrats’ whole complete narrative is a lie. The more we normals can see it with our own eyes, the more they double, triple and quadruple down.

Is there anyone that doesn’t know that Joe Biden is not remotely fit for the highest office in the land? The only positive Democrats have for voting for him is that he’s not Donald Trump. They have swallowed (once again) the Democrat line that Donald Trump is a “danger to Democracy” while he goes about trying to constitutionally stop their incitement to riot, loot, burn and murder.

Yep, Trump is dangerous alright. He is dangerous to them and the scams they’ve been running on the American People.





photo credit: Gage Skidmore Joe Biden via photopin (license)

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