Another tremendous piece by Sherrie A Peif…

Another tremendous piece by Sherrie A Peif
, showing the disrespect and downright condescension of the Leftist mindset.

Peif quotes Therese Gilbert: “Weld County is like the kid who comes into class who won’t sit down. Won’t listen to instructions. You’re encouraging them to get to work. Everyone else around them is working. Halfway through class you’ve told him, redirected him a few times. The instructions are on the board, but they are still not listening.”

Yes, Therese, we're the kids who won't sit down, won't shut up and won't do as we are told by a government that now thinks it is god. One slight problem, we are adult citizens in our 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's. We are business owners, craftsmen, mothers, fathers and veterans who fought for this country to protect our liberty. It is YOU who needs to be "redirected."

Weld County Commissioners reaffirm decision to not enforce Polis mask mandate

'I have no illusions that teachers are no different than JBS workers on the kill floor. We just might have master’s degrees.' Therese Gilbert, Heath Middle School teacher.


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