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Michael Bloomberg & the Democrats Consider Prosperity to be a Threat

(Bloomberg looking down …on everyone else.)
“Their own personal prosperity not withstanding, only in Leftie-land is a roaring economy a threat.”

Twenty-five candidates and counting and still the Democrats aren’t confident they have anyone who can challenge Donald Trump.

Enter billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who announced his plans to compete in the Democrat presidential primary in Alabama.

Advisor to Bloomberg, Howard Wolfson was reported by ABC News as saying, “Mike believes that Donald Trump represents an unprecedented threat to our nation.”

Their own personal prosperity not withstanding, only in Leftie-land is a roaring economy, American prosperity and a long list of measurable accomplishments that have improved the lives of everyday Americans, a threat.

Those every day Americans are starting to ask themselves more and more, why radical Leftists would prefer that they be unemployed, miserable, frightened and controlled by a dictatorial government. Quite a trick for the bunch that has claimed for decades that they were the “compassionate” ones.

Here’s what I predict:

  • Bloomberg will attempt to run as a “moderate.”  (RED FLAG:  Nothing could be further from the truth. He’s the big bucks behind disarming law-abiding citizens, attempting to control their diets, their lives and their ear buds.
  • Bloomberg will compare his billionaire status with Donald Trump’s billionaire status.
  • Bloomberg will not be questioned on that billionaire status in any way remotely comparable to the way Donald Trump has been smeared and investigated.
  • Democrats will be temporarily giddy because they have their own New York billionaire to challenge that reprobate New York billionaire.  Fuhgetabout that rhetoric that they are or ever were “for the little guy.”
  • Donald Trump will likely swat their latest Leftist like a fly but first, he’ll let the Democrats flop around thinking they finally have someone who can boot him out of the White House.




photo credit: azipaybarah P1080698 via photopin (license)

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