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Should we compromise with Fascist “Anti-Fascists?”

photo credit: Rodney Dunning (August 12, 2017) via photopin (license)

I was forwarded an e-mail recently, seeking guests for a national radio program called “Purple State.”   The new program on NPR says it “looks at the state of our current polarization, examines how it got this way and how it may be damaging our country.”

The producer was looking for pundits and writers who, “embrace conservative principles but are also working to bring republicans and democrats together instead of focusing entirely on attacking the other side.”

I found this fascinating, so I called the producer. After explaining that I was pretty certain that she wouldn’t want me for her program, she asked why. Here’s some of what I said:

The Left never wants to compromise unless they’re losing. When they’re winning, they remind us that “elections have consequences.”  (If I’m right, I’m glad they think they’re losing.)

NPR is of course, part of the Left albeit a docile part compared to the costume-clad crazies who storm hearing rooms, corner US Senators in elevators and force elected officials out of restaurants. That doesn’t begin to include violent protestors who just recently assaulted two GOP candidates in Minnesota, riot on college campuses because a conservative was invited to speak there, or shoot Republicans while practicing for a charity baseball game. What’s more, no Republican leaders have called for or incited this sort of criminal behavior.

Any attempt to draw a moral equivalence between today’s political tactics of the left and the right is propaganda. It is a further attempt by the Left to blame their opponents for their own horrific behavior.

Along with these Fascist tactics (while claiming to be “anti-Fascist”) we have a Democrat party that increasingly embraces socialism–the antithesis of everything this country was founded upon. Shall we compromise by giving in to a little bit of socialism?  We’ve been doing that for decades and look where we are now.

What exactly is a “moderate” today?  Compared to four or five decades ago, today’s “center” has moved so far to the left that a moderate is likely more liberal than yesterday’s Democrat.

We can’t afford to compromise the principles of free markets and limited government with people who neither appreciate nor understand the reasons or purposes for them. We must defeat their tactics as well their ideology, not compromise with them.

I was right. I wasn’t the right guest for her program.

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