The “Drive-by” Media Drove by this one a Long Time ago…

The "Drive-by" Media Drove by this one a Long Time ago

Wonder of wonders! Richard Spencer, the guy in Charlottesville whom the media told us was a conservative, white supremacist is a liberal through and through. He was likely an agent provocateur, yet the Left got enormous mileage using him as an example of Republican hate.

Actually, he's another example of Democrat hate and the projection of that hatred onto Republicans for political gain. With Democrat strategists, it's always about the political gain. Anyone who gets in the way is just collateral damage…like law-abiding, everyday Americans.

Think the "legacy" media will mention any of this? Will they apologize for smearing Republicans Will they now apply the same broad brush standard to Democrats now that we know this guy is a liberal and probably always was?

Of course! And I'm tall and blonde.

White Supremacist Richard Spencer Endorses Joe Biden

Will media demand Biden disavow like they did with Trump and David Duke?


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