President Donald Trump Brokers Abraham Accords

September 15, 2020 was a historic day.

Stunning. Historic, and damn well astonishing, and don’t let anyone tell you differently.

This President who has been called every name in the book, smeared with the ugliest of monikers like “Racist!” Bigot!” “Hitler!” made two peace deals in the Middle East.

It is criminal that the propaganda media will either ignore this or poke holes in it.
(Update:  They did.  How did I get so psychic?)

America wanted a President who would shake things up and get good things done. The Left stands only to stop him. They have been exposed not for hating Trump but for hating America, hating peace and hating accountability to the rule of law.

People of good will hope that those who have been brain-washed into thinking the very worst of this man, will realize who the evil ones were all along.

Unless Joe Biden and his hard left handlers take power, this will remain a great day of celebration and the People rather than the politicians will win more peace and prosperity.   Mazel Tov to all.


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