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Trump Has Made It ‘In’ to be ‘Genu-ine’

The latest chant by the left that President Donald Trump is a “Racist! Racist!” is because he tweeted that Rep. Elijah Cummings’ district in Baltimore is “a disgusting, rat and rodent-infested mess.”

Trump chose Cummings as a target after months of feigned moral outrage by Cummings and the collectivist left that conditions at ICE detention centers are deplorable and just like concentration camps.

The legacy media accepts as fact that Trump is a racist and expects us to believe as well, that it is racist to criticize any Democrat who happens to be black. That rule never applies to black Republicans. Punishment for violating their rule is most severe especially when the criticism is blatantly obvious and glaringly true.

Democrat policies created the conditions in Baltimore as well as a growing number of other once-great cities, but we are told to keep looking the other way. The lack of compassion for people who live in these conditions is never at issue. They are collateral damage in perpetuating the preferred Democrat narrative.

Doesn’t that make them the racists?

Trump must temper his tweet because these are “black and brown people.” The fact that he doesn’t consider it an issue of color at all, but of corrupt politicians and bureaucratic government makes him not-the-racist.

The left continues to occupy the moral low ground while casting themselves as the great moralists of our time. In their universe, they are the only ones allowed to lecture the rest of us on what the moral high ground ought to be.

Then, Donald Trump came down an escalator.

For decades, the culture in America has been moving in a coarser direction. Just watch old re-runs of “The Andy Griffith Show” from the 1960s, “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” from the 1970s or even “Cheers” from the 1980s. They seem quaint and naive compared to the steady diet of raunch that is served up by cable and network television today. Movies regularly elevate criminals to the status of heroes while depicting the “good guys” as having dark and evil intentions.

Despite constant protests from conservatives, the left has directed this cultural decline. Their motives for doing so is another discussion. Now, they disingenuously protest that Trump’s language is harsh and his manner, unpresidential.

For some reason, we have expected our presidents to appear as if they were from a different era. Republican presidents, in particular, must not respond to an attack no matter how ugly or untrue.

This, of course, is reversed for Democratic presidents. Even while they are engaged in dismantling our Republic, politicians on the left and the right caution us to “respect the office.”

Then, Donald Trump came down an escalator.

The 45th president has been the left’s biggest nightmare, the establishment right’s supposed embarrassment, and grassroots conservatives’ answer to our most heartfelt prayers.

We have longed for someone who would fight back against the phony attacks and smears, the mischaracterizations and outright lies. There isn’t a Republican who hasn’t been portrayed as mean, heartless, cold cruel and of course, “Racist!”

Trump takes as much incoming as they can hurl at him and then lobs it back twice as hard. He does so with a purpose and in the same cultural terms that America understands. His “outrageous tweets” have consistently given the public a sneak peek of the next big issue to come. That’s one reason why the media can’t afford to ignore him.

Almost immediately, we get to watch how crazy his critics behave when they are prevented from controlling the narrative. They remind us of who they always were. They really are socialists and among other things, they really do want to take guns away from law-abiding citizens. They just haven’t been telling the truth.

Even when Trump makes a glaring error, which has become less frequent, he reminds us that he’s not a politician.

He “tells it like it is”, as the left told us to do in the ’60s. He’s not afraid to be himself, as the left told us to do in the ’70s, and he can laugh at himself, as the left told us to do in the ’80s.

That’s how it looks to fight fire with the flamethrower your opponents gave you.

I am hardly advocating for more coarseness in our culture. It’s hard to imagine how it could get much worse. I do argue for authenticity though, and Trump has certainly made it “in” again to be genuine.

Perhaps by finally exposing the pervasive dishonesty and disingenuousness in politics we’ve thought was so inevitable, we might actually reverse course.

One thing is certain, nothing will ever be quite the same since Donald Trump came down that escalator.

I, for one, think that’s a very good thing.

Karen Kataline

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