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Walmart is still passing the buck. They don’t deserve ours.

Taking their lead from Leftist government bureaucrats once again,  Walmart is blaming their own former customers who didn’t like being treated like five-year-olds by their big box store.  Our misbehaving customers are the dangerous ones, your honor.  That let’s them have their stale Walmart cake and eat it too.

While rioters and looters continue to be a grave danger to our Republic and to civil society as we once knew it, Democrat politicians turn a blind eye.  But they instruct their proxies like big box stores and others to blame their customers if they refused to do follow government orders. It’s plain on the uncovered noses on our faces.  It’s diabolical.

Walmart and Kroger were among other big box chain store that laid down nationwide mask mandates even when many states didn’t.   They decided, certainly with plenty of government benies to become government grocery stores.

Now they’re losing support and respect from their customers and they’re trying to have it both ways. They’ll try to do the bidding of the government and claim they are “allowing” their former customers to make certain decisions for themselves as to whether they put a piece of cloth over their face in order to shop there.

It doesn’t matter what their customers think about the government’s purpose in turning us all into obedient, look-alike lemmings with no ability to communicate.  They want you to know that they care about you!  They don’t care about you enough to respect your God-given liberties but they will posture that they care about you and then claim that their security guards are victims when some of those upstarts fight back.

Remember not so long ago when Leftists hated Walmart?  Why? they wouldn’t play ball by unionizing.  Clearly, Walmart and other big box chains are playing ball now.  They made a fortune in the early stages statewide, unconstitutional lock downs by being given the green light to remain open while smaller stores who sell the same items were ordered closed.  So much for the party of the “little guy.”

The deep state has many enemies. Who are their number one targets? Freedom lovers. You.

In the meantime, do what the Democrats used to tell you to do but don’t any longer.  Avoid these big box stores and give your money to mom-and-pop groceries, even if it costs a little more. The cost to us all for losing our Liberty is and will be incalculable.



Walmart won’t enforce its rules on wearing masks because it fears staff could be attacked by shoppers angry at being challenged

Walmart and several other chain stores bend face-mask rules. Violence toward employees from mask objectors have been reported across the US.




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