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Whose Image Do We Try To Live Up To?

FATLASH! Food Police & the Fear of ThinI don’t aspire to be skinny, and I’ve achieved that non-goal very well. 

I’ve always insisted that I have a face for radio, but nevertheless, I did my first TV interview for FATLASH with Jon Caldara on Devil’s Advocate.  I dreaded watching it, but I did anyway.

Even when one writes a book in which two of the intended themes are self-acceptance and substance over symbolism, it’s tough to escape self-scrutiny when seeing oneself on TV–especially as compared to people we usually see there. (Jerry Springer, Honey Boo Boo and Reality TV not withstanding) 

Ironically,  thinking we must live up to an impossible standard is part and parcel of “fear of thin.”  More on that in future posts.

I found this interesting in light of an upcoming speaking engagement (date to be announced) for a sorority which considers it so important to fight back against weight obsessions and women’s body-bashing, that they’ve instituted “no-fat-talk-Fridays.”  They also teach workshops on body image.

I commend sororities like Delta Delta Delta and hope more will follow suit.  Now, if only they could have a chat with me before I do my next TV interview.

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