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You Must Panic!

Hurry or you’ll miss it!  The Left’s latest attack in their growing hit parade of fizzling “bombshells” is Bob Woodward’s book claiming that Donald Trump didn’t want to create a panic about the coronavirus.

How dare he?  This is proof that the POTUS is a crook!

The Left’s narrative is that we are obligated to panic. They’ve been whipping all that fear  since March, to control and manipulate citizens and business owners into handing over their rights and their precious liberties.

They have done this consistently even while good news has come out every day that has shown that the virus is more than 99.8% non-lethal. That is, unless you are unfortunate enough to be living in a nursing home in New York or other Democrat controlled cities.

They don’t care about those or any other facts that do not push their political agenda. Their constituents are mostly the no and low information voters.  Many have been too busy with their night job of rioting, looting and setting fire to anything they can get their hands on.

They wrap their daily attacks in a false premises that you’re supposed to accept as a given.
In this case, it is that the virus was devastating and deadly to everyone in America because we said so.  Therefore, President Trump was not only wrong but evil for not wanting us to panic.

Who buys their constant twisting of the truth and often turning it upside down? Unfortunately, a lot of people still do.

What these rabidly dishonest people (notice, it’s always the same ones) are saying is that they hate him for not fear-mongering like they did.

It seems that Donald Trump mostly stood alone in not having a vested interest in whipping up up fear and hysteria.  Even a lot of swampy Republicans stayed silent until they could stick their finger in the air to see which way the wind was blowing.

“Systemic corruption” in Washington DC has been regularly ever since Donald Trump became president.  All they have left is to try to make an honest man look like the liar.



photo credit: “Fear” in stone via photopin (license)

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