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Spouting Off, January 15, 2019

Karen talks about the government shutdown, illegal immigration, 11-year-old “drag kids” and more.
Then, her first guests after the hiatus are the founders of BBS Radio.

DONALD and DOUGLAS NEWSOM – co-founders of BBS (Blogin Broadcasting Service) Radio Network, manage and engineer the live shows on their network and have been doing so for over 12 years.  It’s been a labor of love – sometimes, excruciatingly hard labor both tiring and frustrating – but they’ve perservered and grown and learned.  The end result: a network that features the most technologically cutting edge platform, entertaining and innovative hosts, guests and music, backed up by topnotch engineering.

Talkers Magazine, considered the Bible of Talk Radio by Business Weekly Magazine, in 2014, listed BBS Radio founders Donald and Douglas Newsom as one of ‘Talkers Magazine Frontier Fifty’ (#39) – among the top 50 outstanding talk media webcasters:


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